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Posted by wkf on December 18, 2017 Uncategorized

The Floral Trends You Want To Know About For 2018








International Floral Distributors has released its predictions for what will be hot in floral design in 2018, and we here at Walter Knoll Florist are paying attention. Four trends were identified, from “Magnificent Mediterranean” to “Incarnation of Earth’s Element” – a bit of a mouthful, but a style that has everything to do with organic minimalism.

Two of IFD’s trends – “Folk Art Reinvented” and “Positively Posh” – are upbeat, cheerful approaches to working with flowers. They embody a youthful, whimsical spirit.

Start the new year off right by embracing a trend toward brighter, bolder blooms (that’s right, gone are 2016’s more muted tones). In “Folk Art Reinvented,” Pop Art color blooms are showcased, while “Positively Posh’s” approach is more subtle, relying more on texture for effect than color. You can see the two brought together in ourĀ Fleur De Lis design.

The flowers show the range of the color wheel (as does the quirky pedestal vase), and they also reflect “Positively Posh’s” interest in patterning, with individual delicate petals creating a kind of ruffle effect or the sense of a layer. These trends are like neon lights pointing the way into the new year and spring, promising that our floral design schemes will have lots of personality, lots of artistry and lots of fun.