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Posted by wkf on November 2, 2017 | Last Updated: November 3, 2017 Uncategorized

Flowers and Cookies for Hospitable Hosts


Sweet, fragrant, fun to look at . . . We at Walter Knoll Florist are talking flowers and cookies today. As we prep for the mass exodus that is Thanksgiving (last year, 50 million people traveled at least 50 miles to spend the holiday at someone else’s table), our minds are turned toward the host gift.

If you haven’t heard of host or hostess gifts before, it’s exactly like what it sounds: you, arriving at your dinner host’s doorstep, bearing a gift. In this case, we think that gift should be flowers or cookies. Or both.

The host gift is an expression of gratitude for the lengths your hosts have gone to. And when it comes to a dinner on the scale of Thanksgiving, those lengths are pretty sizable. Send a flower delivery in advance of your arrival or just after your departure. This will allow your host time to find a place to display your gift outside of the dinner rush, and to enjoy your flowers. We like our Homecoming bouquet for Thanksgiving. It will blend right in with the other holiday decor in your host’s home, and makes use of some of our most beloved blooms in harvest hues.

On the other hand, who would say no to a plate chock full of cookies? Our Italian Cookie Assortment demonstrates how pretty these sweet treats can be, all dressed up with icings and sugars. This is the perfect thing to offer your hosts, who have likely been working away in the kitchen, since it’s ready-to-eat. It’s also a conversation piece, so bonus.Walter Knoll Florist Italian Cookies

Whatever you offer your hosts this holiday, make it spirited, fun and thoughtful. We can help you achieve that here at Walter Knoll Florist.