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The Flowers You Should Give Your Local Loved Ones on Veteran’s Day


Veteran’s Day was first observed in 1919 when President Woodrow Wilson declared November 11th Armistice Day. Since that time, the day has become synonymous with honoring veterans, as well as those who have fought and fallen in combat.

President Wilson chose the day because it matched the cession of hostilities between the Allied nations and Germany at the end of World War I. Flowers, as well as other tributes, have become traditional gifts on this respectful holiday.

Traditional Flowers for Veterans

According to the United States Department of Defense, red-flowered corn poppies have long been used as a symbol of sleep and death. Poppies have been used as far back as the Greco-Roman era when citizens used them as offerings to the departed.

Today, veterans and civilians in several English-speaking countries use arrangements with red poppies to honor people who have served in wars. The symbol of the red poppy not only honors those who have sacrificed their lives, but also the servicemen and women who have continued their service to their countries.

Honoring Veterans and Those Who Serve

The military holds an official ceremony each year at Arlington National Cemetery at the Tomb of the Unknowns and follows the event with a parade that features various veterans’ organizations and speeches.

In addition, the Veterans Day National Committee also holds regional ceremonies throughout the country that may include parades and exhibits that pay tribute to veterans.

Appropriate Tone for Veteran’s Day Gifts

thumbnail-1Unlike Memorial Day, which often features barbecues and a more festive approach to honoring those who have fought in wars, Veteran’s Day takes a somber or reverent approach. It’s an important day to let veterans know that family and friends appreciate their service.

Many cities around the country feature parades, speakers, and ceremonies, and families who have an elderly veteran in the family may want to attend these events. Arranging a formal dinner with a veteran as the guest of honor is also a wonderful way to honor the day. Consider a beautiful centerpiece arrangement for the table.

Veteran’s Day may be a somber occasion for remembrance, but it’s also an important day to honor veterans of the military who have served their country and come back to a country made safe by their service and sacrifice. Honor veterans this year on November 11th, Veteran’s Day.