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Flowers That Speak to Mom’s Character and Charm

Mothers are the pillars of our lives and deserve to be celebrated all year round, especially on Mother’s Day. What better way to do so than with a beautiful bunch of flowers? A bright bouquet perfectly captures the emotion of showing your mom appreciation and love for the joy and motherly devotion she radiates. Here at Walter Knoll Florist, the top florist in St. Louis, MO, we want to honor all the unique types of moms in your life with petals that speak to their passions, personalities, and unique qualities.

The Superhero Mom

The superhero mom is an everyday real-life hero that juggles her career, home, and family, seemingly, with ease. She is strong, selfless, and never gives up or stops fighting for those she loves. She puts her own needs aside and does everything she can to support her children. She exemplifies resilience and strength, often exceeding her limits to succeed and achieve happiness. The ranunculus symbolizes charm, grace, and elegance – everything a superhero momma is. This bloom also has many beautiful layers tightly wound together to create a stunning blossom, which represents mom’s many tasks that keep her family tight-knit.

The Outdoorsy Mom

The outdoorsy mom is adventurous and loves to explore new places, leading her family on hikes, fishing expeditions, and camping trips. She creates memories that last a lifetime and encourages her children to appreciate and respect nature. This mom sets an example of an active and healthy lifestyle and shows her kids that life is full of fun and exploration. Garden roses epitomize a love of nature and the beauty of simplicity. These flowers are resilient, like your outdoorsy momma, and their natural charm will make her feel absolutely loved and respected this Mother’s Day.

The Artistic Mom

Whether painting, drawing, crafting, or writing, artistic moms have a unique talent for bringing joy to the world through their creativity. They inspire their children, friends, and family with their original pieces of artwork and unique styles. Artistic moms are creative problem solvers who find a new way of looking at life and its challenges. They have a unique vision of the world and share it with others through their art. Anthuriums are the perfect blooms for this type of mom, with their large bold petals symbolizing happiness and resembling a painter’s palette.

The Sports Mom

The sports mom is the MVP of any sports team. She is the one who chauffers the athletes to practices and games, provides snacks and support, and cheers on her athletes from the sidelines. She helps her players stay motivated and strives to bring out the best in them, instilling good sportsmanship and the like. While hydrangeas look like cheerleading pom-poms, baseballs, and soccer balls, they also symbolize gratitude and heartfelt emotion – perfecting for saying “thank you” to your devoted sports mom and #1 fan.

The CEO Mom

The CEO mom is a special woman who recognizes the importance of prioritizing family while leading a successful business. She understands the value of delegating tasks and staying organized to create balance and harmony in both her home and work life. The CEO mom is accurately described as confident, determined, and resourceful. As she puts her family first, she is still a successful leader and crushes her goals. To remind her of her greatest achievements (AKA her children), the orchid is connected to success, elegance, refinement, and beauty and will look truly exquisite on her desk.

With so many floral varieties, finding a flower that blooms with love for mom and celebrates her uniqueness is the best way to commemorate Mother’s Day. Show your appreciation for all she does with a radiant arrangement from Walter Knoll Florist that is full of her favorite springtime stems.