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How To Get The Scent Of Spring In A Vase

Now that we’re on Daylight Savings Time, it stands to reason that we’d be hopeful that warmer temperatures would be here to stay. Sadly, that’s never the case with weather in St. Louis – and most other parts of the country for that matter. Mother Nature keeps teasing us with a taste of spring, only to turn around and unleash cooler temperatures the next day. If you’re as impatient as the Walter Knoll Florist team is, there’s only one solution that’s guaranteed to help us deal with the uncertainty of spring until there’s proof that it’s here to stay. That solution involves filling any or every room in your home or workplace with the smell of spring – in the form of vases full of fragrant flowers.

One of the most deliciously fragrant cut flowers is the one we’re showcasing today in our Simply Stock floral design. For this arrangement, we place ten stems of stock in a vase and add plumosa for accent. A vase full of stock is a treat for two of the five senses – sight and smell. Since stock stems are long, vases of these wonderfully fragrant flowers are ideal for sideboards, console tables, fireplace mantles, buffet tables, or places where a decorative vase of flowers will warm up the atmosphere and add a touch of brightness.

Walter Knoll Florist Simply Stock Bouquet

If you’d prefer to have more color in your flowers, Walter Knoll Florist can help you there, too. Our vast collection of Spring Flowers and Arrangements has something to suit everyone’s floral preferences. We can also help you customize a design for your home, business, or personal workspace.