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Getting Your Freshman Ready for College

As August draws nearer, new freshmen all over America are getting ready to move off to college. This is a fun and exciting time but can also bring some anxiety about moving away from home for the first time. And what will your college student need for their dorm room? What should you buy to make dorm living both appealing and practical? Walter Knoll Florist has come up with a great list of things that every new student needs for their dorm that you may not have thought about. Your new college student will be so glad you to arrive at school knowing that everything is taken care of!


Sunny skies brightening flowers

Gifts That Show You Care

Something to Remember How Much they are Loved Obviously, all new college student need reminders of how much you care for them. A green plant, a beautiful bouquet or a gourmet gift basket is a great way to leave behind or send an expression of your love. Walter Knoll Florist has designers just waiting to help you choose something special for your student.


peace lily in planter

Sunny Skies Brighten the Mood is a fantastic, modern floral arrangement that includes yellow sunflowers and vivid red roses in a clear glass vase. Any student would enjoy displaying this bouquet to add color and flair to their dorm room.



Another great option would be a living Peace Lily Plant that would bring much-needed greenery to your student’s dorm room.


junk food snack basket


Don’t forget the student who loves to eat! The Junk Food Fantasy will provide a variety of snacks from candy bars and chips to cookies. Got the late-night munchies? This snack basket will be perfect when a trip to the store may not be possible. And sharing with your roommate is sure to make for a flourishing friendship!

Functional Presents

Shower Caddy Whether or not your student is going to have a room with an attached bath or share a bathroom down the hall, a shower caddy will keep the necessary essentials portable and right at your fingertips. For the student who will travel down the hall for showers, you can be assured that your student will have everything ready to go.

Pocket Over the Door Organizer Space can be tight in a dorm room. Closet tend to be small or have to be shared and there is often limited floor space for furniture. A pocket over the door organizer can hang over a closet or bathroom door and provide needed space for fashion accessories such as jewellery or shoes. Keeping crucial items in an out of the way and yet easily accessible area will make dorm living much easier.

Dry erase board and markers There are so many uses for a dry erase board in a dorm room! Roommates can use the board to write messages to each other. Students can also keep a visible to-do list and reminders of upcoming events on the board. Lastly, a dry erase board can also be used to work out that tricky math problem in college algebra or keep a list of vocabulary terms for a science class.

Coffee Maker From early classes to late-night study sessions, for many students, a good coffee maker is essential! Having your coffee to get your morning going will start your day off right. Your student can also invite new friends over for afternoon coffee or a late evening study session. And don’t forget that many coffee makers can boil water for tea or even for a snack.


Leaving for college is a time of change for a family. While excitement and anticipation abound, a bit of anxiety can make the planning bittersweet. Make sure your freshman knows how much you care. Reach out to Walter Knoll Florist for help. Creating a dorm room that is both fun and functional can help ease the transition. But don’t forget to take care of your student’s heart as well.