Walter Knoll Florist

Walter Knoll Florist

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After so many years with your constant companionship, I’m sure going to miss you. I can remember the day we met, I didn’t like you at first, but all my friends did, so I kept hanging out with you and you grew on me until I couldn’t resist you anymore. I’ve caved in and allowed you back after so many breakups, at least once a year I say goodbye. I cannot imagine how I’ll get along without you, but this time it’s for good. I’m done with you. It’s always been all about you, buy me, light me, smoke me. I can’t have a cup of coffee, or a phone call or feel a meal is complete without you, but it’s over. I’m tired of living my life around you. I’m tired of spending money on you! Oh sure, we’ve had some good times, but the truth is, your no friend at all.

From now on whenever I think of you I’m going to fill my lungs with clear fresh air, no more blowing smoke for me. I’ll find something productive to do with my hands, like peeling an orange or knitting again! And while I’m knitting again I’ll think about how my project isn’t going to smell like burning tobacco! So goodbye old Smokey Joe!

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I’m not doing this Quit Smoking alone…if you are interested in saying Goodbye to Smokey Joe yourself, check out Chantix