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Gorgeous Gladiolus

gladiolusThe gladiolus exhibits towering, vivid stalks of colorful flowers which are guaranteed to impress. The gladiolus name is based on the Latin ‘gladius’ due to its sharp leaves; the name means ‘sword’ and references Roman gladiators. Seven varieties of gladiolus grow naturally in their native South Africa. From those first true flowers, more than 10,000 hybrid varieties of the gladiolus are grown today around the world.

Gladiolus grow to a varying heights, from two feet to five feet high. The colors and designs which manifest in the glad can be just as varied – white, red, pink, yellow or purple flowers grow along the length of the tall stalk, often embellished with with vivid variations in pattern. If you are looking for meanings in the colors, they are the same as they are across the floral spectrum – red conveys passion, white represents purity and yellow exudes friendship. Gladiolus embody several symbolic translations; including high moral character and integrity, a direct reference to the gladiators which inspired its name.

There are a host of reasons for sending a floral arrangement which showcases the gladiola. One of the most well-known meanings of the glad is respect and remembrance; therefore these stunning blooms are often the primary flower in tribute and sympathy bouquets. Victorian era lovers considered that the sword-shaped leaves could pierce the heart of someone they loved; therefore sending a bouquet to symbolize love at first sight or infatuation would be appropriate.

The gladiolus is the traditional birth flower of August, and it also represents a 40th wedding anniversary. With so many hybrids and traditions, the gladiolus has a colorful legacy. However you arrive at your decision to give these stunning flowers, you can be sure the recipient will be inspired! The experts at Walter Knoll Florists of St. Louis are prepared to assist you in order to create the ideal floral arrangement – no matter the reason.