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Green Flowers and Decor for St. Patrick’s Day

green flowersIt is a well-known fact that “everyone is Irish” on St. Patrick’s Day. Whether you claim the luck of the Irish or espouse the wearing of the green,  it is easy to get caught up in all the celebration of the holiday. Here in St. Louis, we have the big St. Patrick’s Day Parade (on March 11, 2017), a 5K run, dinner galas, and parties at Irish pubs all over town – there is certainly no lack of opportunity to revel in all things Irish! When choosing your favorite green outfit to wear, don’t forget to dress up your home or office as well, with whimsical and beautiful St. Patrick’s Day flowers from Walter Knoll Florist.

Did You Know? The most famous Irishman of all time was not actually Irish – he was British. St. Patrick was a missionary to Ireland for most of his adult life and was adored by the people there. He is credited for converting the largely Celtic Druid population to Christianity. green flowers

The Emerald Isle is so named because of its lush, rolling hills that stay green due to the favorable, wet climate. And on St, Patrick’s Day, green is all around us! It is considered bad luck to not wear green on St. Patrick’s Day, no matter your nationality – and it is perfectly acceptable to playfully pinch anyone who refuses to participate in the custom.

If you are looking for the perfect Irish florals for your own decor or to send to your Gaelic friends, we love the aptly-named Bells of Ireland, a stately stalk of green beauty that adds interest and structure to any arrangement. Green hydrangea and mums are also popular florals to add to your bouquet, and the inclusion of yellow roses is a nod to the legendary pot of gold. green flowers

No matter your style, our floral designers have created the perfect expression of Irish pride. But if you do not see what you are looking for in our St. Patrick’s Day collection, just give us a call  – we’d love to create the perfect design just for you.

green flowers

On March 17th, be sure to wear green, make a wish on a 4-leaf clover, eat some corned beef and cabbage – and surround yourself with all the beauty of Ireland, with gorgeous designs from Walter Knoll Florist.