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Posted by wkf on October 27, 2017 | Last Updated: November 3, 2017 Uncategorized

Honorable Florals for Veterans Day

Want to make a real impression this Veterans Day? Give a floral gift.

Since 1919, we’ve been honoring our U.S. military veterans on November 11, saluting their courage, dedication and sacrifice in serving their country. In our St. Louis community alone there are over 18,000 veterans, according to the U.S Census Bureau. And that means we’ve got a lot of honoring to do.

Here at Walter Knoll Florist, we believe that it’s the small, meaningful gestures we make, like sending flowers, that can really communicate our gratitude, affection and respect.

In thinking about what to send your favorite patriot for Veterans Day, keep a few things in mind. The occasion calls for more modestly-sized arrangements, so keep scale in mind. Because so many veterans are male, consider sending something that would appeal to anyone, whether that’s a plant or a piece like our Perfect Orange Harmony.

Sweet, small and simple, this grouping of mums, roses and smaller buds is graceful and elegant. Though it makes a big impact, the colors and the combination of blooms isn’t showy. Look to make a poignant tribute to the occasion, which this achieves.

Our Garden in a Glass is full of interest and can be added to the desk, kitchen counter or bedside table. Akin to a meditation garden, this vase of growing greens, moss and rocks will appeal to men and women alike.

We at Walter Knoll Florist join you this Veterans Day in saluting our heroic military veterans both here in St. Louis and across the country.