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In Praise of Worm Poo

We are offering a wonderful, new product this year – Earthworm Castings – Called MAGIC SOIL from Coldstream Crawlers. Coldstream Crawlers started out as a bait business and are now also in the business of earthworm castings (poo).  What an obvious progression.  And what a product.  I have gone thru 3 or 4 bags myself, adding it to my existing garden beds, to my new plantings and even to my houseplants and am quite pleased with the results.  My lavender plants are twice as big as last year and have twice as many flower buds.  


Earthworm castings are an all natural plant food that comes to you directly from Mother Nature in its purest state. Because it has an abundance of readily available non burning nutrients you can use only a little in your plant holes and seed furrows.  Earthworm castings go much farther and produce results that are simply far superior to those conventional manures, composts, or other organic plant foods. 

The worm castings are produced by European Earthworms. They are grown in a climate controlled facility where they are placed in bedding that contains the right mixture of compost feed and vitamins. What makes castings good and more potent is the digestive process that an earthworm uses which makes nutrients more available to plants. The nutrient content a casting carries depends on the type of food the worms eat.

European worms have been proven to produce the purest castings. They are fed a strictly organic feed (corn, barley, soy, protein, etc.) as what you feed a worm also plays a part in the quality of their castings. Coldstream Crawlers feeds over 1000 tubs of worms daily  insuring the quality of the castings.

Walter Knoll Florist is the exclusive Saint Louis distributor of Magic Soil and you can find Magic Soil at all Walter Knoll Florist flower shops and at our Garden Center on the corner of California & LaSalle.  It is less expensive than the organic Miracle Gro I have used in the past and a little goes a long way –  5 or 10 pound bags are very reasonably priced.  While you are at the garden center, check out the vast variety of garden plants we have – here is a pic of a magnolia tree blossom sneaking around with some Shasta daisies!