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It’s All Happening at the Zoo . . .

Saint Louis Zoo Sign

Dinosaurs at the Saint Louis Zoo

Summer 2008

Here are some of the Dinosaurs,

The T-Rex BiteSmile of the T-RexI have TeethWatch OutI may look cute now but stand by

Step back into prehistoric time and enter the world of the dinosaur!

Sixteen life-size animatronic dinosaurs will move, roar and spit in the Saint Louis Zoo’s one-of-a-kind walk-through exhibit opening near River’s Edge in spring 2008. The temporary exhibit Dinoroarus will be open April 18 through September 1, 2008.

Watch the KSDK Newschannel 5 video of their arrival at the Zoo on April 1.

Walk among the reptilian giants and gaze into the eyes of dino mega-stars, including Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops and Stegosaurus.

Young paleontologists can unearth some Jurassic treasures in the hands-on Fossil Dig and climb atop a duck-billed dino “parasaurolophus” for a unique photo opportunity.

Thrill seekers can experience “Dino Island 2,” a 3-D motion simulator (additional fee).

Expand your knowledge of dinosaurs by finding their living relatives throughout the Zoo, including the tuatara at the Herpetarium. Compare and contrast present day giants such as elephants, bears and giraffes, to the size of dinosaurs. Learn how the Zoo is working to protect endangered wild animals from going extinct like the dinosaurs.

Today was the grand opening and Walter Knoll Florist is one of the sponsors of Dinosaurs at the Zoo! below are some shots of wonderful dramatic arrangements! Fun, huh!

Dinosaurs are making a monster arrival at the Saint Louis Zoo in 2008 from April to September. The immersive exhibit will feature 17 life-size animatronics dinosaurs in a naturalistic setting on Zoo grounds. Their booming roars, curious clicks and adorable chirps will fill the air and transport you to a land before time.

Many educational opportunities will be incorporated into this exciting exhibit. This is an opportunity for us to teach children and adults about animal extinction, developing theories, animal adaptations, regions where dinosaurs have been discovered, the science of paleontology, and dinosaur descendants that are on exhibit at the Zoo.