Walter Knoll Florist

Walter Knoll Florist

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Look What I Made Program

Walter Knoll Florist Your Personal Florist Since 1883

Walter Knoll Florist, Your Personal Florist Since 1883
Look What I Made.

Building on the success of the tours at our facilities we are expanding the program to have a weekly event. Every Saturday afternoon at 2pm allWalter Knoll Florist retail stores offer a free program that is open to all children under the age of 12. The program is called “Look What I Made”.

Children are allowed under supervision of a Walter Knoll Florist designer to create a floral bouquet. This takes about 20 minutes, the children then sign and attach a card and give the bouquet to a parent, friend or someone special.

A child may only participate in this program once every 90 days and may only make one bouquet per visit. An adult parent or guardian must be present at all times. To participate simply show up at one of the Walter Knoll Florist retail stores a few minutes before 2pm on Saturday. Walter Knoll Florist makes every effort for every child to participate, but reserves the right to change or limit this program at any time. This program is for a single child. If you have a group please call us and we will arrange for a custom program and tour.