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Make Someone Smile on Sweetest Day

Celebrated on the third Saturday in October, The Sweetest Day is a wonderful fall holiday for planning a sweet activity with your significant other with candy, flowers, or romantic gifts. For 2014, The Sweetest Day falls on October 18th.

The holiday is a lovely time to share a romantic weekend at a bed and breakfast or travel to see the autumn leaves turn. It’s also a nice holiday for small tokens of affection that simply remind your significant other that he or she is special.

Choosing a Gift for The Sweetest Day

The most popular gifts for The Sweetest Day include candy, cards, and flowers, just like Valentine’s Day. Many couples even choose to give heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and red roses on The Sweetest Day, just like they would on February 14th.

If your relationship is new and you aren’t yet ready to declare true love, The Sweetest Day is a perfect holiday to offer a small gift that won’t overwhelm your significant other. Perhaps a trio of roses and baby’s breath in a bud vase.

On the other hand, if you’ve been with your sweetheart for many years, you might want to take things up a notch and go for something spectacular like a huge vase full of dozens of pink and lavender roses.

The Perfect Candy and Flowers

Taking the time to choose your candy gift so that it matches the color or theme of the flowers will impress your sweetie on The Sweetest Day. Classic red roses and a box of chocolates are always a wonderful choice, but don’t be afraid to get a little creative with your gift.

You might want to get a little exotic and choose some gorgeous cymbidium orchids in a trendy glass cube. Is your significant other an art fan? Add some style to your gift with a vase of Murano Art Glass and complete the gift with some traditional Italian hard candies.

Keep It a Sweet Surprise

Virtually everyone thinks about Valentine’s Day before it arrives, and there’s no small amount of pressure to get the day just right with gifts, activities, and surprises. The Sweetest Day, on the other hand, is a perfect time to surprise your loved one.

Choose a gift that’s unexpected or plan an activity where your significant other has no idea as to the destination. Perhaps your significant other loves the Cardinals. Surprise her with a baseball-themed bouquet of red carnations and a white rose and an afternoon at Busch Stadium.

Whether your gift is a weekend away or the simple and beautiful gift of roses and chocolate don’t forget to surprise your loved one this year on The Sweetest Day.