Walter Knoll Florist

Walter Knoll Florist

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O U C H ! ! !

NO, I didn’t get mugged – I had a little (!) dental procedure – you see I have (had) a tooth I put some bad Karma on back in my terrible teens (another blog story perhaps). After a root canal in high school, electro-surgery and a crown in dental school (I was married to a Wash U dental student once), losing that tooth during a cleaning in my late 30’s, 2 bridges and another root canal, it was time to get rid of a neighboring tooth. This meant dentures ( NO NO NO I’m way too young at any age!) or an implant (or 2). Unfortunately over the years I’ve had some bone loss in the area and needed donor bone grafting where two teeth once lived more or less happily side by side and also bone grafting in my lower sinus. This is where the OUCH comes in – my dearest friend and the greatest dentist in all the world, Dr Mary McClellan, (950 Francis Pl, 63117 314 726-6966 referred me to an oral maxillofacial surgeon, Dr John Monterubio (1034 S Brentwood, 63117 314 721-1010

Implants are not an inexpensive procedure, but to me the alternative was unthinkable. I found Dr Monterubio very friendly at my consult with him, and one month later for the “procedure” found him to be exceptionally skilled and obviously respected by his staff. The surgery took a bit less than 2 hours (I was not sedated) and 5 days later I’m healing up nicely – still a bit swollen & bruised and beginning to be able to chew somewhat solid food again. (Goodbye sweet cool slippery jiggly Jello and pudding cups!)

My office mates had one of our floral designers (Louise) create this fantastic arrangement to be delivered to me – see the “teeth” in the carnations?

Well I can’t tell you how amused I was to receive the flowers and scare off our driver, Don. (He wasn’t expecting to see me wrapped in ice answering the door.)

You can have anything created at Walter Knoll Florist, from a wacky “International Year of the Potato” arrangement to memorial easel pieces, if you can describe it – our designers can make it!

Both of the above dentists are located near Brentwood and Clayton Rd – easy to get to even with the Highway 40 demolition – so if you need a dentist I hope you will call Dr McClellan and if you need more than a dentist Dr Monterubio is your man. Tell them A Musing Florist sent you.