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Origins of Labor Day

labor dayWhat does the first Monday of September signify to you? Traditionally, it is the time to put away the white shoes and pull out the school books; the end of summer and the beginning of a brand new season.

Many people enjoy the day off on Labor Day, due to a history that is deeply rooted in the history of the American labor movement. In 1882, union leaders organized a parade in New York City to celebrate the achievements of the American worker. 10,000 people attended and marched in the parade, and journalists declared it a “day of the people”. In 1887, Oregon was the first state to name the day as an official holiday; and New York, Colorado and Massachusetts were not far behind. In 1896, President Grover Cleveland, recognizing the growing power of labor in America, made it a national holiday.

Therefore Labor Day honors the social and economic contributions made by US workers since that time. We still throw parades, and many employees are granted the day off – allowing for the traditional barbecues. No matter your choice of activity, Walter Knoll has patriotic bouquets and flower arrangements to bring the red, white and blue to your party.

labor day


Although over the centuries the labor movement has changed, the observance of Labor Day is as relevant as ever. From the struggles over the minimum wage to the battle for benefits, the workplace continues to evolve. But one thing hasn’t changed – the ingenuity, perseverance and strong work ethic of the American worker continues to change the country. We think that deserves a day off with friends – don’t you?


From picnics to formal dinners, come into one of Walter Knoll’s St. Louis area florists to pick the floral arrangement that will perfectly express the spirit of the day.