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Butterflies, Bees & Flower Gardens

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The natural world is a synergistic system, in which the individual components rely on each other for survival. The insects need flowers for food, the flowers need the insects for pollination, and in turn, humans need the bees to sustain our food supply. Because we are all so interconnected, it only makes sense for us to help support the bees and butterflies by providing them with a safe haven. (Not to mention, watching them work is fascinating!) At Walter Knoll Florist, you'll find all the floral expertise you need to plan your very own Saint Louis butterfly garden for your patio or backyard. But Won't I Get Stung? Honeybees are experiencing a critical loss of population. By providing honeybees with a garden to gather nectar and pollen, you will be assisting them in their fight for survival. But honeybees at work are generally uninterested in stinging anyone, and as long as you leave them alone, there should be no danger.  Read More about Butterflies, Bees & Flower Gardens

Patriotic Floral Designs to Celebrate Independence

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From centerpieces at your picnic to gifts for your favorite veteran, patriotic floral designs play a large role in our July 4th celebrations. After all, what would a backyard barbecue be without the traditional red, white, and blue? Walter Knoll Florist has a large selection of floral designs that will help you to celebrate in true American style, no matter what is on your schedule this holiday. So shop our Independence Day collection, and let these beautiful designs transform your event. Did You Know? The colors of our flag have deep significance to our history. Red represents valor and sacrifice, white innocence and purity of heart, and blue stands for loyalty, perservrance, and justice. Read More about Patriotic Floral Designs to Celebrate Independence

Seasonal Floral Decor for Summer Tables

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Whether a backyard barbecue, a picnic at the lake, or an elegant evening soiree on your deck - summer is the perfect time for getting together with family and friends. Longer days allow us to linger a bit longer, and balmy evenings make for special memories of food, fun, and friendship. No matter how you prefer to entertain in the summertime, there is one element that should never be left out - flowers! Seasonal floral decor is the perfect way to add beauty, color, grace, and personality to any gathering - turning an ordinary party into a special event. Walter Knoll Florist has a collection of summer bouquets and centerpieces you'll love. So send out the invitations, prepare the menu, and order the flowers. It's going to be a great time!  Read More about Seasonal Floral Decor for Summer Tables

Saint Louis Wedding & Anniversary Flowers

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According to the industry experts, June is the most common month for wedding ceremonies. And whether you are planning a June wedding or you've booked a venue for another month during the year - this is the perfect opportunity for us to discuss how much we love weddings! Walter Knoll Florist is your go-to St. Louis wedding florist -providing all of the stunning bridal bouquets, venue decor, centerpieces, and accessories that you've dreamed of! After June:  The months of May. September and October are the most popular wedding months if you do not choose June. The least popular months for nuptials are January through March, although New Year's Day and Valentine's Day both are generally heavily booked.  Read More about Saint Louis Wedding & Anniversary Flowers

Summer Roses for National Rose Month

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The rose is an incredible flower. It has been employed over the centuries both as a symbol of romantic love and passion, as well as a symbol of war. Its flowers are beautiful and elegant - yet the rosebush is one of the most resilient plants in the world. Roses are given to express the most intimate of sentiments, yet rosebushes are often landscaped into yards and campuses for security and protection. The rose is known as the Queen of flowers for many reasons - and this June, during National Rose Month, the floral designers at Walter Knoll Florists would like to share some amazing facts about this spectacular flower. Looking for more summer roses and rose bouquets? Browse our online Rose Collection, or check out our Pinterest Board. Read More about Summer Roses for National Rose Month

Father’s Day Gifts for Your Special Dad

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There are many Dads in St. Louis, but none are as special as yours. And because your dad is so unique and special, we think he deserves better than another tie, or a charger for his phone. No, your Dad is an original, and that is why the team at Walter Knoll Florist has put together a collection of Father's Day gifts that will shine a spotlight on the things he loves. This Father's Day, celebrate dad with a gift he won't soon forget. Read More about Father’s Day Gifts for Your Special Dad