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Traditional Holiday Office Decor

              Who doesn't love a poinsettia? At Walter Knoll Florist, we know what time it is when the poinsettias start rolling up - the most wonderful time of the year! Available in pink, white and even orange, it's that classic red version that we see so often, cheering up doorsteps and entryways across the U.S. And while the poinsettia is definitely the plant of Christmas, it's also the seasonal plant of choice for offices and businesses looking to holiday-up their spaces, too. And who can blame them? Read More about Traditional Holiday Office Decor »
Posted by wkf on November 17, 2017 Corporate Gifts poinsettia

Rustic Thanksgiving Centerpieces

At Walter Knoll Florist, we're thankful for so much. We feel gratitude for our family, our friends, and this wonderful community. We embrace the season with open arms and invite you to do the same. We'd like to fill them with flowers in the form of a centerpiece. We put a lot of time and attention into the dinner table we create for our Thanksgiving guests, don't we? It's not just about configuring it so everyone has a spot, but also a matter of place settings and linens, silverware and drinking glasses, and where to put all of the bowls and dishes with all of our goodies in them. Once we see how our table (or tables) is going to look, we can think about crowning it with a centerpiece. And this, friends, is our favorite part. Read More about Rustic Thanksgiving Centerpieces »
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Flowers and Cookies for Hospitable Hosts

  Sweet, fragrant, fun to look at . . . We at Walter Knoll Florist are talking flowers and cookies today. As we prep for the mass exodus that is Thanksgiving (last year, 50 million people traveled at least 50 miles to spend the holiday at someone else's table), our minds are turned toward the host gift. If you haven't heard of host or hostess gifts before, it's exactly like what it sounds: you, arriving at your dinner host's doorstep, bearing a gift. In this case, we think that gift should be flowers or cookies. Or both. Read More about Flowers and Cookies for Hospitable Hosts »
Posted by wkf on November 2, 2017 Host Gift

Honorable Florals for Veterans Day

Want to make a real impression this Veterans Day? Give a floral gift. Since 1919, we've been honoring our U.S. military veterans on November 11, saluting their courage, dedication and sacrifice in serving their country. In our St. Louis community alone there are over 18,000 veterans, according to the U.S Census Bureau. And that means we've got a lot of honoring to do. Here at Walter Knoll Florist, we believe that it's the small, meaningful gestures we make, like sending flowers, that can really communicate our gratitude, affection and respect. Read More about Honorable Florals for Veterans Day »
Posted by wkf on October 27, 2017 Veterans Day

Fall In Love With Dahlias

This autumn, we invite you to fall in love with dahlias, like we here at Walter Knoll Florist have. And frankly, so has the rest of the world. This unusual, star-shaped bloom is related to mums and zinnias, but has an uncommon beauty all its own. Its patterning is so intricate, and its range of available colors so rich, that it's pretty much the "It" bloom for Fall and holiday floral decor. Let us show you what this showy flower can do. Read More about Fall In Love With Dahlias »
Posted by wkf on October 20, 2017 Autumn Halloween

Halloween Decor & Spooky Gifts

It's finally here - the season of gleeful jack-o'-lanterns, ghosts swaying among the trees, faux graveyards set up in the front yard and trick-or-treaters tearing down the streets. We've been busy at Walter Knoll Florist scaring up some Halloween decor and spooky gifts that will properly celebrate the most macabre of months. This year, remember to build a little of the fantastical into your decorating. Look for decor that adds whimsy, humor and an element of magic to your home, especially when it comes to flowers. After all, what is Halloween other than a feast for all the senses? Set out some fragrantly frightening blooms and watch the magic happen. Read More about Halloween Decor & Spooky Gifts »
Posted by wkf on October 4, 2017 Halloween

Gestures of Kindness on Sweetest Day

Although many consider Sweetest Day to be a type of Valentine's Day, the origins of the holiday are not actually romantic. In fact, the original intention of the holiday was to acknowledge the underprivileged in society with gifts of kindness, to let them know that they were not forgotten. Therefore, Sweetest Day is a perfect opportunity to show encouragement, to convey our support, and to send smiles to people who may feel alone. Walter Knoll Florist has the floral collections and gifts that are perfect for all of these occasions. Why is it called Sweetest Day? Although we now use the special observance to say "you are the sweetest!" , the name was derived from the fact that the original holiday was celebrated by handing out candies and sweets to the poor and shut-in.  Read More about Gestures of Kindness on Sweetest Day »
Posted by wkf on October 4, 2017 Sweetest Day

The Best Boss in Saint Louis

Having a great boss can make all the difference in the world. When you enjoy going into work, know that your efforts are appreciated, and your ideas are valued - work is a lot more enjoyable. A great boss pitches in, provides guidance, encourages growth, provides chances for advancement, and always gives credit when it is due. If you are lucky enough to work for such a person, October 16 is the day to celebrate them. National Boss's Day is set aside to recognize those who do a great job every day. If you feel that you have the best boss in Saint Louis, call Walter Knoll Florist, and we'll make sure they know just how much they are appreciated.  Read More about The Best Boss in Saint Louis »
Posted by wkf on September 20, 2017 Corporate Gifts

Seasonal Autumn Flowers and Centerpieces

If there is one word which signifies this season, it is change. Changing leaves, changing temperatures, and changing wardrobes all generate a sense of anticipation and excitement, as our favorite holidays come into view and the vibrancy of this season is everywhere you look. From football games to pumpkin spice, we love the spirit of fall - and seasonal autumn flowers are a big part of the beauty. Whether you are looking for beautiful decor for your home or the perfect gift, you'll find what you need at Walter Knoll Florist.  Read More about Seasonal Autumn Flowers and Centerpieces »
Posted by wkf on September 18, 2017 Fall