Walter Knoll Florist

Walter Knoll Florist

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Today is the first day of the two day Pond-O-Rama 2010

the 10th Anniversary Tour presented by the

St Louis Water Gardening Society.

Many members opened their ponds and water gardens to visitors for

As colorful a group of pictures as any shots at today’s Gay Pride parade, surely!

Our friend (and pond owner) David Schiele put together a tour route of

nine fanciful yards for us to visit (Thank you sooooo much, Dave!).

We started in South County and finished up in Town & Country

Thanks to the following folks who shared their gardens with us!

Carol & Ron Greminger

then to Steve & Terry Metzler

Chris & Tara Siewing

Andy & Christine Schimpf

Dan and Beverlee Maschek

David (Peggy) Schiele

Floyd & Susan Wright

Rick & Pam Jokerst

Take a Look-See and Enjoy!

So Many Pretty Flowers and Ponds and Gardens and Fishies!

Patio Peach Tree

Tiny Peaches – Good for Cooking!

Carol Greminger says come back in the fall I give you some!

Oak Leaf Hydrangea

Lotus Blossom – Kinda makes me wanna do Downward Dog!

Lotus Pod


One of Dave Schiele’s Bird Houses


Coneflowers at the Wrights

Susan Wright’s Gypsy Caravan Find

Forget Me Not & Begonia

Monkey Topiary at the Jokerst’s