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The Finest Flowers for Celebrating International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day, marked annually on March 8, encourages us to recognize the impactful women we look up to locally and worldwide. Their encouragement and example, along with our community’s support, enable us to achieve our goals and break through barriers. This day also gives supporters a platform to uplift female voices that shape our perspectives. To show your support and solidarity on IWD, send a bouquet of blooms in the holiday’s designated shades — green (for hope), purple (for dignity, justice, and loyalty to the cause), and white (for purity) — to those who have guided you along your journey. At Walter Knoll Florist in St. Louis, Missouri, we’re ready to help you express love, appreciation, and acknowledgment with a floral display worthy of your most inspiring individuals.


Roses are highly regarded in floral culture due to their classic beauty and capacity to express a broad range of sentiments and meanings. They are universally appreciated, making them an ideal present on International Women’s Day. The choice of rose colors allows you to convey your feelings using the language of color. Alternatively, select some of the official IWD hues to create a floral arrangement suitable for all recipients on this occasion. Regardless of your approach, your thoughtful gesture will make the recipient feel loved and appreciated.


Tulips are excellent for honoring those you regard highly on International Women’s Day. They represent gratitude, generosity, and renewal, rendering them a fitting expression of respect and admiration. Their wide variety of forms reflects the diverse accomplishments of all the women shattering glass ceilings. Tulips also offer a range of colors, enabling you to customize your message, from friendship with yellow blooms to admiration with red ones. Furthermore, their status as early springtime bloomers makes them a fitting gift for the occasion, emitting a cheerful energy that assures you brighter days are coming.

Gerbera Daisies

On International Women’s Day, gerbera daisies carry special meaning as they celebrate the individuals who’ve shaped our lives and contributed to our achievements. Beyond their cheerful presence and vibrant colors, gerbera daisies pay tribute to the strength embodied by women and their allies worldwide. The many layers of their petals reflect the many talents and diverse skills within every woman. Incorporating gerbera daisies in an arrangement expresses profound admiration, recognition of significant contributions, and gratitude for the unique richness the recipient adds to the world.


Peonies are messengers of prosperity, which is why they are excellent choices for International Women’s Day flower designs. They can attract success and tip the scales in your favor, creating positive results for people who receive them. Renowned for their long-lasting beauty in a vase, peonies provide extended enjoyment of your bouquet. Their robust blooms call to mind the unwavering spirit of women and their positive, enduring influence on the people around them. Moreover, peonies express love, honor, and compassion, mirroring our feelings for the women and supporters we look up to on IWD.


When you want a sophisticated way to pay tribute to someone on International Women’s Day, orchids are an elegant option. With an array of varieties and colors at your disposal, you can create a customized gift that resonates with their unique character and aesthetic preferences. Whether a popular phalaenopsis or a refined oncidium plant, their minimalistic and sleek appeal seamlessly fits into any setting. Alternatively, you can get an orchid arrangement for those who may prefer a full bouquet of blooms. Whichever you select, it’s a heartfelt gesture that communicates your appreciation for their work.

Mimosa Flower

Mimosa flowers, known for being symbols of strength, sensitivity, and sensibility, are designated for International Women’s Day due to their poignant meanings. These blossoms, also known as silver wattle, bring brightness to all floral arrangements. However, you can evoke the same sunny energy with other blossoms. For instance, when paired with elegant accent blooms like goldenrod, yellow alstroemeria, gold aster, and wax flower, yellow chrysanthemums create a stunning composition alongside springtime greenery. Bonus points: These flowers symbolize friendship, joy, and trust. Another possibility is to opt for yellow daisies as the statement bloom to create a similar impact.

The tradition of presenting flowers to the women and allies who mean the most to us on International Women’s Day is a sentiment we hold dear at Walter Knoll Florist. It’s more than a floral arrangement; it’s a powerful way to express appreciation and solidarity with the remarkable people in our lives.

Flowers to Honor International Women's Day