Walter Knoll Florist

Walter Knoll Florist

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Roses are red: Remember Jack Benny? Jack was married to Mary Livingstone for 48 years when he passed away in 1974. The day after Benny’s death, his wife, Mary, received one long-stemmed rose from a florist. The next day she received another. When Mary called to ask about the deliveries, she learned that Benny had stipulated in his will, “one perfect red rose daily for the rest of Mary’s life.” I checked this out at and it’s true!

Now what could be more romantic? C’mon, you can think of something great, can’t you? No? Well, here’s an idea –
Valentine’s Day is on a Thursday this year, so you have a great chance to show off for her office peeps. Why not start her work week by having Tender Tulips delivered to her office and on the card ASK her to be your Valentine!

Then on Tuesday, (assuming of course that she said “yes” to yesterday’s ASK) send over a box of our locally grown and produced Chocolate Covered Strawberries! Chocolate Covered Strawberries.

Perhaps two boxes if her office has a large staff.
Then on Weds the 13th her office peeps will be waiting for the WKF delivery man when he shows up with Dapper Dozen and Jewelry!

You’ll save money on delivery by having the big Vday gift delivered on the 13th and she’s gonna be expecting you in person on the 14th anyway! Use that saved money to stop in at one of the Walter Knoll Flower shops and pick up one of our giant Epic Roses then head over to her office to take her to lunch and invite her to your pad for that romantic dinner you are going to make! You don’t have to tell her you got these ideas from An Amusing Florist, I won’t tell either!