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Savvy Tips For Creating a Valentine’s Day Bouquet He’ll Remember

Flowers are an excellent masculine Valentine’s Day gift, and there are numerous proven reasons why. Scientific research has shown they can impact men’s communication skills, resulting in more comprehensible body language and longer periods of eye contact. Research by the Society of American Florists found that 60% of men would like to receive a bouquet. Moreover, many men have nostalgic memories from youth connected to flowers, whether it’s the sweet smell of rose bushes or vibrant forsythias heralding the arrival of spring. At Walter Knoll Florist in St. Louis, Missouri, we’re eager to assist you in crafting a Valentine’s Day floral arrangement that suits him perfectly.

Tell Your Florist About Him

To ensure the bouquet resonates with your partner, tell your florist what makes him tick. Share insights into his personality traits, the things he holds dear, and the experiences that bring him joy. Don’t overlook the importance of fragrance – his preferences will guide the selection of blossoms. If he’s ever told you stories of flowers from his youth, that’s also helpful information. By providing these insights, your florist can curate a bouquet that contains your partner’s unique essence. Lastly, specify where the Valentine’s Day bouquet will be displayed, as this practical consideration can impact the overall design.

Opt for Red, Orange, or Yellow Blooms

While there isn’t a single hue that every man universally prefers, data suggests that specific colors appeal to a wide range of guys. Yellow flowers are well-known symbols of joy and positive vibes, making them a thoughtful nod to the happiness he causes you to feel. Orange flowers provide an undeniable mood boost and symbolize warmth and zeal. Of course, red blooms are a perfect choice in any bouquet, representing love and romance that last. These colors have the ability to awaken a man’s senses, but if he has a different favorite, an arrangement in that shade is just as fitting.

Select Contemporary Designs

There are no strict rules for floral arrangements that men prefer, but often, it’s a good idea to go for a single color or monochromatic theme. Instead of a mix of various flowers, a streamlined look with just one type of bloom, like bright birds of paradise or bold red anthuriums, tends to appeal to male tastes. Also, watch for contemporary and clean lines in the arrangement. Or, if your partner is a fan of the outdoors, you can opt for a more natural design that captures the essence of a meadow on Valentine’s Day. Achieve the vibe with earthy wildflowers, grasses, and elements that appear freshly gathered from the wilderness.

Consider the Vase Choice

The vase you choose for a man’s Valentine’s Day floral arrangement should highlight its elegance while seamlessly flowing into the floral design. Ensure the lines flow effortlessly from the blossoms to the vase, like putting on and buttoning up a well-tailored suit jacket. Regarding the vase’s character and shade, look for minimalist choices in deep or dark hues rather than elaborate containers; this lets the flowers take center stage. Additionally, it’s an opportunity to create effective color contrasts, like the bold look of a bright red rose against a deep black vase.

Connect the Arrangement to His Hobbies or Pair Flowers With a Gift

Flowers are a fantastic gift on their own on Valentine’s Day, but you can elevate the experience by combining them with a personalized gift. For example, if your partner enjoys dining out, have the bouquet on your table as a fresh surprise. Attach mini drumsticks or a drum-shaped keychain to the arrangement if he’s a drummer. For the guy who loves sports, paint his team’s logo or colors on the vase or tuck a pennant amidst the blossoms. He will appreciate your attention to his passions.

Giving flowers to your partner on Valentine’s Day, regardless of gender, is a heartfelt gesture that transcends traditions. Lean on the expertise of Walter Knoll Florist to design a stunning bouquet that captures the essence of your love.

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