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Send Flowers on Grandparents Day

grandparents dayGrandparents are extraordinary, they are the ones who spoiled you rotten, and love you for better or worse. Now you can express how you feel about them this coming Grandparents Day.

Marian McQuade, a woman from West Virginia started a campaign to bring the attention to the role of grandparents, and the contribution they make in many areas of our lives. Wanting to make sure that the youth recognized this fact, she encouraged them to adopt a grandparent not just for one day of the year, but for a lifetime.

Finally, Marian started to see the beginning of her dreams, to create a day to celebrate grandparents, come true. In 1973, Governor Arch Moore of West Virginia declared that Grandparents Day would be commemorated annually within their state. Later in 1978, President Jimmy Carter would sign a proclamation establishing the first Sunday after Labor Day a time for honoring grandparents.

Today, various countries such as Italy, Hong Kong, France, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom have followed the United States’ lead in instituting a day for grandmas and grandpas.

The day can be filled with activities involving grandchildren and grandparents spending time together doing crafts, working on puzzles, singing, storytelling, and anything else that will strengthen the bond between the younger and older generations. In the meantime, your parents will be delighted to get a beautiful gift of flowers delivered to them, from you and your family.

Grandma will really get your message when she receives this Thanks a Bunch arrangement. This pretty bouquet features a colorful variety of blossoms including roses, daises, alstroemeria, waxflowers, dust millers, and eucalyptus. They are showcased in a fashionable glass vase.

In Europe will remind Grandpa how much you admire him each time he sees this long-lasting present. This lush green garden and flower plant, is a combination of foliage and handsome umbels of the alstroemeria, all displayed in a rustic weave basket.

Walter Knoll Florist is a full service florist conglomerate. Starting out with only one shop in 1883; today we have extended to seven retail outlets, and two wholesale facilities.

With our huge offering, we can make Grandparents Day, or any other event you have memorable. We specialize in stunning flower designs, magnificent plants, scrumptious fruit and gourmet basket, wonderful gifts, and much more.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Our professional and friendly staff is at your service, and will be able to assist you.