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Snapdragons at Walter Knoll Florist


Ever wonder how snapdragons got their name?  It comes from the fact that you can gently squeeze the sides of the intricately shaped flower and see the jaws of a dragon head snap closed.  Other names for snap dragons include dog’s mouth, lion’s mouth, toad’s mouth.

The common names all derive from the way the flowers look like opening mouths, when they are pressed on their sides. The flowers are snapped shut and require more pressure to open than a honeybee can provide, so snapdragons rely on heavier bumble bees for their pollination.

The Latin name, Antirrhinum, means “like a snout” and refers to the seed pod’s resemblance to a calf’s nose. How do such charming flowers wind up with such ungracious names? The blooms come in gorgeous colors, including some with beautiful color variations on each flower.  Plus, snapdragons are an outstanding cut flower.  Gather a dozen or more in a vase and you’ll have one of the prettiest bouquets around.

If you are thinking about them for your own garden, they are an annual, growing 1 to 4 feet tall and they bloom from spring to fall.  Snapdragons have stalks of brightly colored flowers that are especially profuse in cooler weather. They start blooming at the bottom of the stalk and work their way up. Snapdragons are bushy plants with tall spikes of flower buds. Most are intensely colored and real standouts in the garden.  The flowers come in just about every shade, except true blue. Some are vibrant bold tones, some are soft pastels and some are subtly shaded bi-colors.

Why the fuss about snapdragons?  They are our wholesale bunch special thru November 11 – stop into one of our stores for a 10-stem bunch for $10.  Walk in only, various colors and while supplies last.

If you would prefer an arranged bunch of snaps, our “Fresh Cut Snap Dragons” (pictured above) are specially priced thru November 11 – special discounted price good for Saint Louis local area delivery only.