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Posted by wkf on March 20, 2015 flowers tulips

Some Tid Bits About Tulips

shutterstock_248293039Experienced gardeners know that when the frost of winter begins to dissipate, the season of tulips is about to begin. These beautiful flowers require the change in seasons to bloom, but once spring arrives, they begin to awaken and provide people with a spectacular bloom that offers incredibly rich color.

Many people do not realize that the wild tulip originated in Central Asia and arrived in Western Europe through Turkey. The word ‘tulip’ comes from the Persian word for ‘turban’, but there is speculation about whether this is because the tulip itself resembles a turban or if it was a translation error because people used to enjoy sticking tulips in turbans. Either way, the popularity of the flower remains strong in much of the region, as it is considered a national flower in Afghanistan and Turkey.

The flower became popular in Europe at the end of the 16th century when the tulip was cultivated by botanist Carolus Clusius of Holland. He managed to even create some of his own variations of the flower and the beauty of the tulip quickly caught the attention of people in the area. This led to a speculative bubble that lasted a few years from 1634 to 1637 where people began spending ever increasing amounts of money on tulip bulbs. This period is generally referred to as ‘tulip mania’.

The flower remains very popular in the Netherlands to this day. The country is the world’s main producer of commercial tulips. They produce an estimated 3 billion bulbs each year, with the majority of them being exported around the world. The flower’s rich and bold color continues to impress people, making it a fantastic flower for celebrating spring.

At Walter Knoll Florist we enjoy helping our customers find tulips that will work best for themselves and those they care about. Here are a few of our favorite arrangements.

A tulip bouquet

For many of our customers who love the tulip as much as we do, one of these arrangements of tulips works perfectly. The arrangement uses one of the many bright tulip colors, such as yellow or red, to create a beautiful arrangement that lights up the room.



Symbols of spring

The tulip is an excellent symbol for spring. To create the perfect spring arrangement, we combine it with other fun spring symbols, such as a watering can vase and some Pussy Willows to create an arrangement that is fun and calls to mind the beautiful season.

Think Spring

Think Spring

Spring is almost here, which means that tulips will start popping up soon. The beautiful flower offers a rich color as well as an interesting history that should intrigue all those who love flowers.


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