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Spring Flowers for May

spring flowersWe celebrate the arrival of spring in April, but often it’s the pleasant month of May when the season really arrives with its flowers, later sunsets, and the march toward summer. Walter Knoll Florist features the perfect bouquets, plants, and arrangements for all your spring holidays including prom night, Mother’s Day, and graduation. Here are some beautiful ideas for your spring flowers this year.

Spring Flowers in Your Home

As the months start to get warmer, one of the first blooms you see at your local florist is the elegant and beautiful tulip, which is often joined by the daffodil, certainly one of the happiest of spring flowers. Imagine a cheerful pitcher full of tulips and daffodils as a joyful way to chase away those long winter nights and welcome warmer temperatures.

spring flowers

Pitcher Full of Spring

After enjoying daffodils in your home this year, you might think about planting your own bulbs for next year, so you can enjoy daffodils outside your home in the garden, too! Make a note in your calendar to plant those bulbs this fall. Don’t have room for a garden? Bulbs also thrive as potted plants.

Other flowers you may encounter in bouquets this spring include roses, daisies, and Fuji mums, all of which are the picture-perfect vision of spring in colors like pink, yellow, and lavender. Let’s face it: flowers are one of the best parts of the season!

Beautiful Spring Plants for Your Home

The snow you’ve been dealing with all winter has finally decided to give up its grip on your yard, and it’s time to display someĀ beautiful flowering plants around your home. What are some of the plants and tabletop gardens you might choose?

spring flowers


A basket of delicate African violets with their lovely blooms and soft, fuzzy leaves is a warm and friendly way to greet the spring. Place a little African violet garden on your home’s entryway table or give them as a gift to a friend to brighten an office.

If you’re ready for the beauty and challenge of an ornamental plant, this spring might be the perfect season to try caring for an orchid. Their intricate blooms and towering stems are so unique. Your new orchid will love hanging out in your bathroom, where it can enjoy the humidity.

Sometimes it feels like the cold weather and winter just won’t stop, but then you see a pansy or a tulip, and you know that spring has arrived. This year, brighten the spring season with some beautiful flowers for your home or office.