Walter Knoll Florist

Walter Knoll Florist

Posted by wkf on March 12, 2018 Uncategorized

Spring’s Prettiest Flowers

Spring officially starts on March 20th this year. But Saint Louis residents, like all Midwesterners, know that our weather is highly variable and subject to every known extreme. Between now and then, anything is possible, and garden season is still a month or two away. For the time being, Walter Knoll Florist encourages you to infuse your home or workplace (preferably both), with a taste of spring through flowers, of course.

Our Garden Club arrangement offers a splash of color as it captures the warmth of spring breezes. You don’t have to be a gardener to appreciate this delightful, compact infusion of spring colors and fragrances. A burlap lined keepsake watering can sets the stage for a display that captures the essence of a spring garden in full bloom. The floral designer will choose a green, lavender, or pink watering can that they fill with carnations, daisies, Fuji mums, stock, wax flowers, and a beautiful sun hat pick. This compact design will brighten an office cubicle, reception area at your business, an end table at home, a coffee, table, or a bedside table. This fun arrangement is suitable for any place that’s in need of some warmth and color.

We urge you to add a little spice to your life with spring flowers. The experienced creative team at Walter Knoll Florist is always eager to help Saint Louis area customers choose or customize floral arrangements to fill their homes or workplace, or to give as gifts – to the significant people in their lives – and even to themselves.