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Expert Tips for Succulents and Indoor Green Plants

indoor green plantsWe all know how beautiful the plants and flowers look at the shop. But for those who don’t possess a green thumb, bringing flowering and green plants home may be just a bit intimidating. The experts at Walter Knoll Florist have been helping people to beautify their St. Louis homes and offices for generations – and we are here to help you with some easy care tips for indoor green plants. There are over 315,000 varieties of plants, which makes it impossible to list a standard set of care instructions. However, we have compiled a short list of three of our favorite plants. With just a little guidance, you should be able to keep them healthy and thriving at home. If you have further questions or prefer another plant, just let us know! 

indoor green plants

The Kalanchoe plant is a succulent, and therefore much more resilient than its pretty flowers may indicate. Succulents are hardy and their ability to survive with minimal water means the kalanchoe is very low maintenance. Once you bring the plant home, put it in bright sunlight and water thoroughly, allowing the water to drain completely so as to prevent root rot. From that point, your kalanchoe should only need to be watered every week to 10 days. Although they love the sun, limit direct sunlight to a few hours per day – and keep the plant away from hot windows, as any leaves that touch may be scorched.

The more recognizable succulents make interesting conversation starters for any space. These easy-to-care-for beauties add an organic ambiance with very little worry or trouble. They love sunlight and should be in direct sun for at least half the day in order to thrive. They only need to be watered when the soil is dry, but the true key to succulent health lies in the type of soil utilized. Plant in a medium that drains easily, such as cactus soil, sand, gravel or volcanic rock, in order to avoid saturated roots that could kill the plant. indoor green plants

The Dieffenbachia is a popular indoor plant with oversized, showy leaves and a professional appearance. Green plants are known to work hard to keep our air clean and toxin free; therefore it is in our best interest to keep them healthy! To ensure a long life for your Dieffenbachia, water lightly. If you are in doubt as to timing, check the soil an inch down – it should be dry before you add more water.  The plant loves a brightly lit room, but light should be diffused, as direct sunlight can burn the leaves. To encourage your plant’s growth and health, fertilize twice a month. indoor green plantsBegin with the high-quality plants from Walter Knoll Florist, learn a few tips, and your home will be transformed into a natural sanctuary! Remember, plants also make great gifts for Secretary’s Week, so call in your order today. We are happy to help in any way we can.