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Summer Flowers – Expressions of the Season

summer flowersThere is nothing boring about the summer season – we love the longer sunny days, the impromptu gatherings with family and friends, and the intense colors surrounding us, from fashion to sunset skies. The summer flowers which grow in abundance also come in a wide variety of color, ranging across the spectrum. They are bold; they are vibrant, and they are true representations of this exciting time of the year.

summer flowersOne of the most iconic flowers of summer is the classic sunflower. A member of the aster family – and related to another quintessential summer flower, the common yellow and white daisy – the sunflower is an impressive bloom which can grow to over 15 feet tall when left alone in the wild. The large dramatic head, striking hue and dominant presence allow it to be presented standalone in many arrangements. However, in one of our most popular bouquets, the expert florists at Walter Knoll have added a bit of elegance to this rustic flower by pairing it with yellow roses and foxtail ferns; the curly willow accent adds the final touch to this arrangement.

As a creative partner to a bouquet that commemorates the sunshine, is this beautiful arrangement that represents the other aspect of our summer weather – that of the refreshing rain that comes to cool off a hot day. The hydrangea plant is one that grows abundantly in the summer season, and these green, blue and purple flowers compile a bouquet that is as calming and restorative as a summer cloudburst.

summer flowersIf you are looking for other summer flowers for a picnic centerpiece or patio décor, other popular choices are zinnias, petunias, gladioli and gerbera daisies. Give the artistic professionals at Walter Knoll Florist your ideas and your budget, and let them create the perfect summer bouquet for you.