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The Best Way to Care for Those Summer Flowers

summer flowersThe summer season is almost underway, which means now is the time for people to get ready for backyard barbeques, swimming, and of course – flowers. Summer flowers offer some of the most magnificent blooms seen throughout the year, with brilliant yellows, oranges, pinks, and reds lighting up any room or yard.

At Walter Knoll Florist, we enjoy helping our customers get the most from their flowers, which includes learning how to take care of them properly. Here are a few of the most popular flowers that we regularly see and how we recommend caring for them.

Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera daisies do not require daily watering. Instead, give them some hydration when the top 1/2 inch of the soil seems dry. The plants do best when the temperature is around 70 degrees and they are relatively hardy plants.

We love Gerbera daisies in our arrangement known as Tammy’s Song. This stunning, yellow bouquet uses Gerbera daisies, yellow roses, and other yellow flowers to create tremendous burst of color that will definitely call to mind the beautiful summer months.

summer flowers

Tammy’s Song


Sunflowers are famous for their large, gorgeous summer blooms. With some types of these flowers growing as high as 15 feet, their incredible height might be part of what makes them so famous. Generally, when the flowers are taller than 3 feet, many gardeners might want to consider staking them to offer additional support. Make sure that these flowers have access to plenty of sun and water them regularly.

We love sunflowers also as a part of our arrangements, such as our Roses & Sunflowers bouquet. This arrangement uses stunning red roses with gorgeous yellow sunflowers to create an incredible contrast that will look fantastic in any room of the house. The flowers are intertwined with some curly willows which help add a bit of a rustic look that will be fantastic for summer.

summer flowers

Roses & Sunflowers


Lilies are always a summer favorite. Generally all lilies require regular water, but they do not need daily watering. Instead focus on giving enough water to reach the bulb every few days.

Lilies also look fantastic in arrangements such as our Light Up My Life bouquet. The pink flowers with the stargazer lilies look beautiful together.

summer flowers

Light Up My Life

Selecting some beautiful summer flowers is a fantastic way to welcome summer. With the season just around the corner, now is the time to come on into Walter Knoll Florist to find the perfect flowers.