Walter Knoll Florist

Walter Knoll Florist

Posted by wkf on March 26, 2018 Uncategorized

Think Outside The Basket With This Basket


Spring now quickly approaches, bringing with it budding flowers and trees. Welcome spring to your home with a beautiful arrangement from Walter Knoll Florist. With bright yet soft pastel colors, their flower basket will easily brighten any room.

In the Slow and Steady arrangement, you will see a wide range of flowers, including green hydrangeas, sunflowers, lavender roses, and waxflower arranged throughout the basket. The basket itself sits on the back of an adorable turtle, smiling at you as he brings you this welcomed sign of spring. The green of the hydrangeas match perfectly with the green of the turtle, calling to mind the rich colors we see as spring begins to unfold. It also contrasts nicely against the delightful lavender, yellow, and orange of the roses and sunflower. These flowers get their chance to shine and brighten your space. Seated on top of all the flowers lies a second turtle, an cute baby, that calls to mind all the baby animals we see during this season.

This arrangement will fit perfectly in nearly any room of the house. It would work well on a mantle or as a centerpiece in a kitchen or dining room. Give the basket as a gift to someone else, or as a special treat for your own home.

When you want to brighten your home with the signs of spring, Walter Knoll Florist has the arrangements you need. With carefully selected flowers that brighten up the room, the Slow and Steady basket is the perfect selection.