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Walter Knoll Florist

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Unique Baby Gifts at Walter Knoll Florist

baby giftsIt’s been nine months of anticipation and waiting, and the exciting day is finally here! Now that the new little bundle of joy has made his or her debut, you need to pick out a gift – and here at Walter Knoll Florist we have beautiful items that perfectly and sweetly congratulate the parents for their new addition. 

Floral arrangements are the most time honored way to celebrate a new baby, and of course at Walter Knoll, we have beautiful flowers! Call our professional designers to help you create a stunning bouquet featuring pink and white orchid and roses for the little princess; or blue delphinium and yellow roses for the little prince. Whatever you envision, our skilled florists are here to help you design a bouquet that everyone will love. Choose the traditional pink and blue motif, or create a lavish bouquet of mom’s favorite bloom.

baby giftsBut if you are looking for something a little more unique and different, you can find those gifts here too! We love these adorable clear cubes that joyfully announce “It’s a Boy ” or “It’s a Girl” – the first a white lily arranged with white roses, carnations and blue hydrangea; the second a pink lily with equally pink carnations, roses and hydrangea. baby gifts

Or perhaps the new mom in your life would absolutely adore this musical baby cake, constructed out of 44 disposable baby diapers as well as practical baby safe items – which may include baby bottles, toys and blankets.  The teddy bear plays “Rock a Bye Baby”; and although the cake pictured is perfectly pink for the precious little girl, we are happy to make one for the little man as well. 

In this exciting time, we invite you to come in and speak with us about the new baby. Walter Knoll Florist is the best place in St. Louis for unique baby gifts that will make an impression and create memories.