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Posted by wkf on November 25, 2014 | Last Updated: October 16, 2020 Uncategorized

Using Flowers to Decorate this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, which means families everywhere are scrambling to get ready for a delightful feast with their friends and families. As the cool weather moves in across the country, people find themselves spending an increasing amount of time indoors. Flowers can be an excellent way to decorate the home for this upcoming holiday while also adding some life and joy inside. They can be used throughout the home to liven the spirits of those who come to celebrate. Here are some fantastic ways that flowers can be used this Thanksgiving.

Flowers as a centerpiece

A well-chosen centerpiece will help pull the table together as people sit down to enjoy their delectable feast. The flowers in such a centerpiece can perfectly complement the fall colors that are so popular this time of year. Popular fall flowers, such as carnations and sunflowers are excellent choices for any arrangement during the season. Add some candles and discover the perfect centerpiece for this year’s delicious dinner.

Adding some color to the kitchen or living room

Many delightful fall flowers can add a splash of color, such as yellows and oranges, to the room. Help spread the holiday spirit from room to room by adding additional arrangements to other areas of the house where people tend to congregate to socialize and entertain themselves before and after dinner. Go for bright yellows and reds that will help add a smile to anyones face. Mums in particular tend to be great options for this type of arrangement.


Make the fireplace mantles or decorative shelving more festive

Adding a Thanksgiving themed arrangement to a fireplace mantle or other decorative shelving is a wonderful way to add even more color and holiday spirit to the home. These decorative areas can easily help the entire room feel as though it is ready to celebrate Thanksgiving. If the homeowner can find a fun basket to hold the arrangement, such as one in the shape of a turkey, it can help make the arrangement even more in the holiday spirit. Look for arrangements that include beautiful, bold colors like oranges, reds, and purples. Flowers such as roses, carnations tend to look particularly spectacular.

Adding some flowers to the home in preparation for Thanksgiving can be a wonderful way to dress up the home in preparation for the holiday. Use the above ideas to get started planning the best arrangements for a particular location and let the flowers help set the mood before the guests even arrive.