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Walter Knoll Dahlias

dahliasSpring flowers are soft and airy, summer flowers are vibrant and bright. But there is something about the deep, rich hues of autumn floral arrangements that brings a familiar warmth and comfort to any space. Reds, oranges and yellows are not only traditional at this time of year, they are indispensable; fall simply wouldn’t be the same without the vivid hues of this season.


The dahlia is one of those blooms that exemplifies the ambiance of this time of year. The flower blooms into the fall in many locations, and although it can be acquired in paler colors, it is the intense fall shades that grab our attention. The dahlia comes in many shapes and sizes, and you may not immediately distinguish it from the gerbera daisy or mums; but the prolific dahlia is a star in its own right. A native flower of Mexico, the dahlia was cultivated from 2 species into its now over 2,000 varieties. Because of the great diversity in appearance, the dahlia can be combined with nearly any other florals, regardless of style and color. There is quite literally a dahlia for every bouquet.dahlias



Dahlias represent commitment, strong bonds and dignified elegance; they are often considered a perfect flower to send for anniversaries and celebrations for your true love. Whether a holiday gathering with family and friends, or a romantic evening with your spouse – the dahlia is a grogeous and meaningful choice. This fall, explore the many variations of the dahlia, and send someone this expressive flower. At Walter Knoll Florists, we look forward to helping you choose the best dahlia – or any other flower – to convey whatever sentiment is in your heart. Our Saint Louis area flower shops are all staffed with expert florists who have the ideas and suggestions you need to create a striking fall bouquet.