Walter Knoll Florist

Walter Knoll Florist

Posted by wkf on February 25, 2010 | Last Updated: October 1, 2014 Activities orchid palms

Walter Knoll Florist at Home & Garden Show 2/25-28

Walter Knoll Florist has some special surprises for you at the Home and Garden show this weekend at the America’s Center in downtown St Louis.  Look for the Hawaiian Shirt Gang!


Phoenix palms, windmill palms, European palms, dwarf queen palms, fox tail palms

We even have Giant LED lit coconut palms!

Come see our approx 25′ tall Washingtonia Palm!

Several of our palms have special “show” pricing –

Phoenix Palms, regularly $699 in pot, on sale at the show for $499

Come see Flo and ask for a Walter Knoll Florist Gift Card

Flo is dressed to the nines for this show!

Tell her Di sent you!


Tammy Knoll
Tammy Knoll February 25, 2010 at 11:37am

What a goofy hat I think it looks better on the manequin!!!. What about those lit Palm Trees. How big are they. What color are they? Hope the Home Show goes well.

Mary McClellan
Mary McClellan February 25, 2010 at 6:08pm

You look soooo cute

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