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Walter Knoll Florist – Easter Flowers

easter flowersEaster, and springtime in general, is a special time of year that inspires happiness and new hope. As the winter fades away, plants and flowers begin to emerge from the soil and bring with them vibrant colors we didn’t see during the gray winter months. With events to plan and people to see, springtime is the perfect time to get out and enjoy the nature around you.


We love bringing the outdoors in, decorating our homes with all the new life of spring . There are many flowers that are synonymous with the season, from the classic white Easter lily to the whimsical and bright tulip. This striking bouquet, available at Walter Knoll’s Saint Louis flower shops, celebrates two such flowers of springtime – the chrysanthemum, known to symbolize cheerfulness, is a great flower to send for an Easter gift. Coupled with a sunny Asiatic yellow lily, this arrangement is sure to brighten any room with beautiful warmth.

easter flowers easter flowers

Easter baskets are perennially popular gifts – this year, how about sending a unique take on the traditional gift of candy? Send an Easter basket full of flowers – azaleas are prolific this time of year and are popular Easter flowers. Sending them in this classic basket allows the recipient to place them inside, perhaps as a centerpiece for the Easter dinner buffet; or outside, on porches and patios to bring all the color of the season up close and personal.


Easter is characterized by all of the colors, sensations and emotions of rebirth and renewal – of the Earth, and of our outlook. Flowers are a constant reminder of the beauty and hope that exists in our world – this Easter, consider sending floral bouquets or baskets that will be sure to make anyone’s day just a little bit sunnier. Stop into Walter Knoll Florist today, and let us help you create the perfect spring floral arrangements.