Walter Knoll Florist

Walter Knoll Florist

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Walter Knoll Florist -National Floral Design Day

floral design dayWhen artists create their work, the time and energy that they expend upon the project is described as a labor of love. No matter what field of artistry one might be a part of, the use of their creative drive and imagination to turn materials into something magnificent is truly admirable. One thing that universally unites artisans of all kinds is the passion they have for sharing their art with the public! Making someone happy through the work of their own two hands is a feeling that keeps drawing them back to the creative process.


Floral arrangements do not simply create themselves, and so the designers behind each and every bouquet, centerpiece or arrangement have meticulously planned its composition. Walter Knoll’s expert florists have a desire to make beautiful artwork from flowers; pieces that will bring life and transformation into any space.

floral design day floral design day

Using flowers as a medium for art has not always been as mainstream as it is today, however. A man by the name of Carl Rittners is credited for his role in bringing this art form to the American public and establishing floral design as a serious discipline.


Over 60 years ago, he founded a school in Boston – Rittners School of Floral Design – which began with a passion for making floral design a more practiced and respected art. February 28 is celebrated annually in his honor ; and florists and flower-lovers alike recognize National Floral Design Day as a celebration of our industry. How can you join in? Have one of the professional florists from Walter Knoll Florists transform beautiful flowers into a unique design all your own. Why wait for a special occasion?


Floral design uses age-old techniques and customs, and combines them with the latest innovations in flower cultivation – resulting in a gorgeous masterpiece worthy of being proudly displayed in your home. Flowers are one of the most sought after gifts, so stop into one of our St. Louis flower shops today to arrange having a one-of-a-kind piece of art be delivered to someone you love!