Walter Knoll Florist

Walter Knoll Florist

Posted by wkf on October 4, 2011 Uncategorized

Walter Knoll Florist’s Annual Pet Costume Photo Contest!

It’s that time of year again, Fido is getting antsy, Fifi is chasing her tail, Spot just can’t sit still – what’s up?  They are ready for their annual Halloween costume photo fun – You can’t be a winner if you don’t enter your photo!

Here are some recent years’ entries . . .

Batdog Brady

Montana the Devil Diva

Echo the Chia Pet

Harrington Holmes - 2010 Winner

Jester Judy

Labra Lion


Paris the Pink Butterfly

Phoenis the Organ Grinder and friend

Saint Louis Cardinals Greatest Fan

Supermen - Superdogs

Wayne's World Party Time

Sheep Chaser

Enter your photo here – or just visit to see the current entries