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Walter Knoll Graduation Flowers

graduation flowersThis spring, over 6 million graduates will don the cap and gown, line up in procession and walk across the stage to receive their diploma. From elementary schools to master’s degrees, we love to celebrate the accomplishments of our loved ones. Graduation Day is a dignified and important occasion, designed for us to recognize the hard work and time investment of the graduates. The day has many inherent customs and traditions associated with it, from the slow processional march to the speeches and the liturgical attire. Another time-honored tradition involves the gifting of flowers to those who have successfully completed their course of study.

graduation flowersGiving floral bouquets to the victorious is not a new custom. In ancient Greek and Roman games and competitions, wreaths of laurel leaves were bestowed on the winners. Stalks of gladioli blooms were presented to victorious gladiators, and war heroes returning to their homes were met with a shower of rose blooms. Even in contemporary times, flowers are given to express emotions of pride, respect, achievement, and success. Appropriate flowers include magnolias which represent perseverance, the purple iris which signifies wisdom, the chrysanthemum which represents optimism for the future; and daffodils, which denote respect.

Roses embody a meaning that is appropriate for graduation ceremonies as well. Light pink and lavender roses exhibit admiration and respect; yellow roses show achievement and orange roses say “I am proud of you.” Creating a floral bouquet around these blossoms is a fitting way to not only give them a stunning gift but one which has special significance.

graduation flowersIf you wish to augment your floral gift with an additional treat, Walter Knoll is your graduation source – from plush animals and balloons to lavish gift baskets, from home décor to gourmet dinners – there is something for every graduate at Walter Knoll Florist. There will be many graduation ceremonies across the St. Louis area over the next few weeks, so give a gift that makes the grade. Call our expert florists for the best flowers and gifts for any occasion this season.