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What are the Perfect Flowers to Wear for Prom

shutterstock_50394988It is prom season. What do you know about the flowers to wear to the big event? Have you planned what you will bring to your date yet?

The tradition of wearing flowers to dances, like “the prom” came from centuries before—when it was not as common to shower regularly, and perfume or cologne was not affordable for anyone but the wealthy. However, today giving your prom date a flower to wear is simply a nice thing to do.

The prom date typically gives a young woman a corsage (worn on the left shoulder or wrist) or a young men a boutonniere (worn on the jacket). Choosing these items does not have to be a difficult task. Keep in mind these tips, and you will find it easy and fun to choose this traditional gift for the big dance.

  • It is nice to try to match the corsage or boutonniere to the outfit of your date. Ask your date ahead of time what he or she will be wearing or see if you can find out from a friend or family member.
  • If you are buying a corsage for a young lady, find out if she prefers to wear it on her dress or her wrist. If she is wearing it on her wrist, have the florist secure it with a ribbon or special wire.
  • Perhaps consider matching the flower with the one your date will present you. This may take some effort, but the results can be stunning.
  • While carnations are classic, something exotic like an orchid is dramatic and an exciting change of pace.
Fushia Orchid Wristlet

Fushia Orchid Wristlet

As you can see, there is a lot to think about when purchasing a flower for your prom date. You do not have to make the decision! If you are located in the St. Louis area, why not stop by and talk to the floral experts at Walter Knoll Florist? We have helped young men and women choose just the right flowers to give loved ones for decades!