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Walter Knoll Florist

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What to do if your roses wilt too soon.

Rose Care Information

Walter Knoll Florist arranged roses are delivered in a vase containing pokon-Crystal rose solution
If the water level is low, please add cool water.

If rose heads begin to droop or the water becomes cloudy:

  1. Remove all roses from the vase.
  2. Immerse the stems in several inches of lukewarm water.
  3. While stems are under water, cut off one inch using a sharp knife or scissors.
  4. floate the roses in cool water and straighten the heads for 30 to 60 minutes until the stems return to a straightened position.
  5. replace the roses y to a vase filled with cool water and use a package of Walter Knoll floral preservative.

To g the life of your roses, display them in a cool location, away from direct sunlight, extreme heat or cold. Check the water level daily. Remove one or two outer rose petals when necessary to improve appearance.