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Walter Knoll Florist

Posted by wkf on January 8, 2018 Uncategorized

A Whole Year Of Flowers

Ever heard of giving Flowers For A Year? Well, now’s the perfect time to acquaint yourself with this gift-giving approach, as it’s also the best time to start it. The idea is that you send the recipient of your choice flowers every month for all 12 months, ensuring that they always know how much you care.

The process couldn’t be easier. Simply establish a budget with us at the outset, and we’ll send fresh, seasonal blooms on your behalf every month. Each bundle will be different, showcasing a variety of beautiful flowers in all colors of the rainbow. What we love about this idea is that it combines the inherent surprise and delight that accompanies the receiving of flowers with the promise that there will be more to come. So your recipient can enjoy each bouquet while looking forward to the next.

They say that flower exchange inevitably brings people together, and that would certainly be the case here. Imagine the happy phone calls and thank-you notes that would arrive over the course of a year, as your recipient is feted with flowers. It’s one of those gifts that gives back to you just as much. Not to mention the bragging rights you’ll earn for being the best giver ever.