Walter Knoll Florist

Walter Knoll Florist

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Wild Accents, Natural Designs

natural designs

When it comes time to honor the people and special occasions of life, swinging by a grocery store for flowers just won’t do. Your friends and family deserve the very best, and the floral designers at Walter Knoll Florist are just the ones to provide it. We utilize the most stunning flowers, combined with unique elements and details that elevate the style and beauty of any piece. Making the most of color and texture, these bouquets and arrangements are works of art. In Saint Louis, you won’t find more amazing designs. natural designs

The drama of birds of paradise and heliconia – and the luxury of lush orange roses – is just the beginning of this stunning arrangement. Red ginger provides a fiery focal point, while curly willow, hypericum berries,and millet provide the backdrop. Lotus pods add a structural element that takes this piece to another level – from top to bottom, this arrangement is spectacular.

Natural designs often rely on unexpected pairings for beautiful aesthetics. These orange roses get a rustic makeover when showcased against eucalyptus and arranged in a tree-bark inspired container – and the Queen Anne’s lace is the crowning delicate touch for this surprising and charming design. natural designs

Wild accents are especially popular in fall arrangements, as seen in this display of yellow roses surrounded by yarrow, rosehips, curly willow, hypericum berries and Italian ruskus. A bed of river rocks adds the foundation, resulting in a fresh-from-the-meadow aesthetic. These natural designs use all the elements of artistic design – color, texture, shape and layers – and ensure that your recipient is thrilled with their gift.

natural designWhen it comes to finding unique and exquisite floral design, look no further than Walter Knoll Florist. Our designers are here to ensure that you get more than a bouquet – you’ll receive a work of art.