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4 Ways to Celebrate Grandparents

Every year, as September nears, we start to think of autumn leaves falling and cooler weather. Since 1979, we also think of our grandparents. Grandparents Day is a holiday that we celebrate on the second Sunday after Labor Day in September. Although our grandparents means so much to us every day, this special day allows us to honor their love and devotion for us. Walter Knoll Florist can deliver your carefully chosen flowers, plants or other gifts to your grandparent’s residence, hospital, or assisted living facility anywhere in the greater St. Louis area, including Chesterfield Nursing Homes in the St. Louis area. In addition, the designers of Walter Knoll Florist are offering four ways to celebrate grandparents. 

Send Blooms They Will Love

Everyone loves to receive flowers, and grandparents are no exception. Gorgeous blossoms or vibrant green plants are a living testimony to the importance of grandparents in our lives. The Shivaree Remix, a stunning arrangement with lovely ivory lilies and pale pink roses will make Grandmother’s day. The vintage pink face is tied with a pink and ivory ribbon as a finishing touch.

For grandparents who enjoy adding greenery to their house, the Classic Peace Lily is a perfect choice. The dark green foliage will be a welcome addition to any room.



For a grandfather, the St. Louis Cardinal Fan Basket includes many of his favorite sweet and salty snacks. 


Play a Board Game Together

In the afternoon or evening on grandparents day, keep the fun going by playing a family board game together. Pull out classic games that grandma and grandpa may have played when they were young. Later let the grandchildren introduce their grandparents to modern board games.

Write a Family Song

Grandparents and grandchildren alike will enjoy making lyrics for a family song. Let the grandparents help with old family memories to add to the song. After an afternoon of storytelling and songwriting, set the tune to music and enjoy singing together. 

Cook A Meal Together 

When Grandmother enters the kitchen, you know something good will follow. She has so many recipes to share with her grandchildren. Let everyone gather around and watch as Grandmother whips up a special dish, and let the grandchildren help with the rest of the mail. Then everyone can sit down and enjoy the cooking skills they share.

Whether grandparents live nearby or many miles away, make the gift of flowers part of their special day. Make sure to find out favorite flowers and green plants. The grandkids can make special cards and include a Grandparents Day prayer or poem. Give the floral designers at Walter Knoll Florist a call. We’re happy to offer bouquet, plant, and other gift ideas that will make for a memorable Grandparents Day.