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5 Great Flowers We’re Thankful For

Flowers are always in season and in style at Walter Knoll Florist, serving St. Louis and the surrounding areas. Our florists believe flowers possess year-round appeal and should be appreciated every single day — not just on special occasions. They’re beautiful and fragrant, and also have some special health benefits that are pretty amazing. Just being around flowers can lower your blood pressure and reduce stress, they can improve your mood, and strengthen your memory. Plus, flowers have been shown to accelerate recovery for people who are sick, injured, or recovering from surgery.

With so many wonderful benefits, there’s no reason why you should wait for the next holiday or special occasion to enjoy the beauty of flowers. Why not order today?

What Are Some of the Most Popular Flowers

Flowers are popular for different reasons: their beauty, fragrance, or symbolic meaning. Flower popularity also depends on where and when you live. Camellias and lotus flowers, for example, are commonly used in East Asia, but rarely in other parts of the world. Tulips were also once so desired and valued that they were used as currency and comprised most of Holland’s economy. Tulips are still well-loved today, but you probably won’t hear about anyone who’s willing to shell out thousands of dollars for a single bulb.

We chose our list of top flowers based on their beauty, versatility, and wonderful symbolic meanings.

1.  Roses

lavender and pink roses with green orchids and mums in vase

Compact Opulence

Roses are one of the most popular flowers and one of our favorites. They bloom in a variety of colors and have an unparalleled elegance. You probably know that red roses represent romance, but did you know that other colors have special meanings, too? To name a few, pink represents admiration, yellow symbolizes friendship, and lavender is for love at first sight.

2. Asiatic Lilies

orange lily and daisies various pink and peach flowers

Maple Sugar

Asiatic lilies feature the classic trumpet-like lily shape and bloom in almost every color, except blue. Each color has a different symbolic meaning, ranging from good luck, life, passion, and creativity to purity and motherhood. Regardless of meaning, they add an elegant look to any floral arrangement.

3. Alstroemeria

magenta alstroemeria and green hydrangea in squre vase

Rustic Drawers

This flower of friendship also represents prosperity. Alstroemeria is often overlooked, but if you pay close attention, you’ll find these flowers in most bouquets. They have speckled petals and bloom in a variety of combinations of colors like white, cream, peach, orange, yellow, red, pink, and purple.

4. Calla Lilies

colorful calla lilies in a vase

You’re the Best

Another stunning species of lily, the calla lily represents faithfulness, purity, and holiness. In shades of white, yellow, orange, pink, and aubergine, they’re beautiful on their own or beside other blooms.

5. Chrysanthemums

green fuji mums with assorted pink, orange and yellow flowers

Fleur de Lis

Chrysanthemums (Mums) are the quintessential flower of cheerfulness. They bloom in just about every color of the rainbow and come in different varieties, such as cushion mums and spider mums.

What Your Favorite Flower Symbolizes

Flowers all have symbolic meanings, and some people think that a person’s favorite flower can also reveal something about their personality. Those who love lilies are thought to be compassionate and dignified, while people who prefer roses are said to bring out the best in others. Tulip lovers also cherish their families, and people who like lilacs tend to be more nostalgic than others. If you love daisies, you likely love adventure.

How to Order Flowers for Someone

When ordering flowers for someone, it’s important to consider your relationship, the occasion, and the sentiment you want your flowers to convey. We recommend saving red roses for romantic relationships and occasions. It’s also a good idea to reserve all-white floral arrangements for somber events, as they tend to symbolize sympathy and remembrance. If you’re not sure what type of arrangement would be appropriate, you can’t go wrong with a seasonal arrangement or a design featuring a variety of colors of flowers.

Ordering flowers from Walter Knoll Florist is easy! With our online ordering feature, you can have flowers delivered to just about any location with the click of a button. We also always welcome customers to stop by any of our locations for personalized assistance and professional recommendations.