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Cornucopia Centerpieces

cornucopiaPerhaps the most classic symbol of the Thanksgiving meal , the cornucopia occupies a position of esteem on our holiday tables. The word cornucopia is Latin for ‘horn of plenty’, and traditionally signifies prosperity and plentiful abundance. The “horn” is so named because of a Greek legend which explained that the first cornucopia was a goat’s horn. According to mythology, the goats horn had magical powers from Zeus himself; and offered an endless supply of food and drink. Because of its symbolism which includes prosperity, good fortune and plenty, the cornucopia was linked with several diverse Greek and Roman deities; including Plutus, the god of riches, and Fortuna, the goddess of good luck.

Later generations would translate this abundant provision into baskets spilling over with nuts, berries, fruits, and flowers. The cornucopia was associated with Celtic harvest festivals in Europe; because of this, the Pilgrims would have incorporated the horn of plenty into their own harvest celebration. This may be why most associate the origin of the cornucopia with that first Thanksgiving. The hollow, horn shaped basket would have been filled with crops, wild fruits and gourds; in more modern times, flowers are generally used.

To decorate your home and holiday table with beautiful autumn displays, including traditional cornucopias, come visit Walter Knoll Florist. We will work with you to create a stunning horn of plenty centerpiece, employing some of the most vibrant flowers of the season – rust and yellow mums, elegant orange roses, red carnations and more. Stop into our St. Louis flower shop to order your bouquet or centerpiece, and then relax and enjoy your meal with friends and family. Happy Thanksgiving from us to you.