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Floral Arrangements for Romance Month

When you think of flowers and true love, which day comes to mind? Of course, Valentine’s Day is everyone’s first thought, and rarely does anyone associate the month of August with passion and romance.

However, this is indeed National Romance Month, an entire 31 days set aside to celebrate your special someone. Summer is a time of spontaneity, whimsy, and creativity – making it the perfect time to shower your loved one with unexpected surprises and gestures of love. Walter Knoll Florist has been in the business of helping people convey their love for over 130 years, and we have the floral arrangements you need to deliver the romance.

Pure white Lilies surrounded with lush greenery for an elegant display for any occasion. Bring some in lavender roses for a truly special arrangement. The container may vary in color or shape according to availability.
The Language of Flowers:

The red rose is known worldwide as the official flower of true love, romance, and passion. There is no mistaking the heartfelt sentiment behind a bouquet of these classic beauties. But if you would prefer to send something more unique to your relationship, there are wide varieties of flowers that are just as romantic in significance. For instance, a bouquet of red tulips emphatically declares true love, while the dainty orange blossom softly conveys a message of lasting, eternal love. Peonies represent marital bliss, but the daisy is the symbol of young love, just starting out.

Why Romance Is Important

There are plenty of good reasons why we need to work on keeping up the romance in our relationships. Romantic gestures help build bonds between couples and stoke the passion between them. From grand romantic gestures to smaller, daily acts of romance, you’re on the path to a long, happy, and successful relationship when you have romance.

Grand Romantic Gestures to Blow Your Loved One Away

  • Whisk your sweetheart away to a new destination for a romantic weekend getaway.
  • Give your SO an unforgettable romantic night out on the town with upscale restaurants, great shows, and lots of dancing.
  • Do an event or activity that will get the adrenaline flowing, such as skydiving, paddle boarding, hiking, or hot-air ballooning.
  • Order in or make a gourmet meal at home, adding some nice wine and romantic music for an uninterrupted romantic night at home.

Daily Romantic Gestures You Should Do to Keep the Fire Burning

  • Hold hands
  • Leave love notes
  • Put a fresh flower into a bedside vase
  • Watch a movie together
  • Check in with each other during the day
  • Give a daily “good morning” kiss
  • Say “good night” every night
  • Present them with flowers “just because”

Shades of coral, pink, green, and plum create a grand color scheme. The ranunculus are brought in from California and Holland depending on the time of year. The coral roses are a newer variety that opens like a garden rose! Green miniature hydrangeas fill out the design and allow all the colors to pop against lime color. Peonies are in this design, and if out of season we will add more of the coral roses and ranunculus. The willow in the base gives added interest to the already exquisite display.Deliciously Romantic: There is a good reason why chocolate and flowers are the most popular romantic gift pairing. Flowers have expressed romantic feelings for thousands of years, and it’s true – chocolate really does contain a substance that stimulates the brain to feel the same way as it does when you are falling in love. So check out our romantic flowers collection, and don’t forget the gourmet chocolate basket– she’ll love you for it!

Plan a picnic, write a love song, or plan an intimate evening at home – but don’t forget the flowers! National Romance Month gives you an excuse to be a hopeless romantic when your spouse or significant other least expects it, so call Walter Knoll Florist, and let’s get to work delivering the love!