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Flowers Liked by These Female Celebrities

Just like your top choice in style of clothing, fragrance, and color, your preferred flower is also a reflection of your character. In recognizing Women’s History Month, St. Louis’ best florist Walter Knoll wanted to find out the preferred blooms of several famous women across the globe. We were thrilled to discover that their favorite flower perfectly reflects their personality.

Jennifer Lopez – White Lilies and Roses

Jennifer Lopez is certifiably a superstar. Dancer, composer, actor, and singer – it seems there isn’t much this talented woman can’t do. Her favorite flowers? They are the white lily and white rose. The white lily is a large, magnificent flower with a pleasant fragrance, six petals, and a large pistil. Denoting brilliance, strength, and majesty, it’s easy to see why J-Lo prefers this flower. The white rose, with its meaning standing for purity, honesty, and perfection are also traits we see in this talented artist.

Lady Bird Johnson – Lavender Bluebell

A champion for beautifying U.S. highways, Lady Bird Johnson’s devotion led to the passing of the Highway Beautification Act in 1965, which led to more native plants and flowers to line the roads rather than junkyards. Lady Bird Johnson believed flowers and their beauty could help improve the mental health of a society. Her favorite flower was the lavender bluebell – a beautiful, charming, bell-shaped flower that symbolizes humility, devotion, and gratitude.

Michelle Obama – Hydrangeas and Pink Roses

Michelle Obama made it her mission to get healthier lunches in the schools during her time at the White House. She leads by example and has become a role model for healthy living and healthy eating habits. An accomplished lawyer and author, her favorite flowers are the hydrangea and pink rose. Hydrangeas are beautiful, full flowering shrubs with delicate petals that come in a variety of colors. The pink rose is a delicate and fragrant blossom that represents elegance, refinement, love, grace, and femininity — characteristics Michelle has in spades.

All the delicate tones of a watercolor painting captured in an ethereal bouquet. Green orchids and purple dahlias mingle with lavender and chartreuse blooms to create a vision of pure beauty. Green cymbidium orchids and viburnum, purple dahlias, hydrangea and Matsumoto asters and lavender carnations - accented with seafoam statice - are arranged in a cylindrical clear glass vase

Watercolor Beauty