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Flowers for Mother’s Day

Mother's DayFrom the earliest civilizations, we have been honoring our mothers. Around the globe, various traditions are observed as versions of Mother’s Day.

For instance in Ireland, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent; a throwback to “Mothering Sunday” which was a call to return to “mother church”. No one is sure when people started giving gifts to their mother on that day. In Thailand. Mother’s Day is celebrated on the birthday of the reigning queen, currently in August to celebrate Queen Siskrit. In Ethiopia, the day is observed with a large family feast and songs spanning multiple days.

Mother's DayMother’s Day in the United States has been a national holiday since 1914, with the cause championed by Anna Jarvis. Since that time, many countries have adopted a US-styled Mother’s Day, celebrating on the same day and giving gifts, flowers, and cards. Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, the UK, and India all mirror the America tradition. India only adopted the day a decade ago, and in a culture overwhelmed with festivals, has still managed to become exceptionally popular.

Mother's DayHere at home, Mother’s Day is one of the largest consumer holidays of the year; a fact that so bothered Anna Jarvis in her later years that she campaigned to have the day taken back off the calendar. At times in our history, political activists have used the day to stage marches and awareness campaigns regarding equal rights for women and children.

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