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Posted by wkf on November 9, 2017 | Last Updated: October 16, 2020 Uncategorized

Rustic Thanksgiving Centerpieces

At Walter Knoll Florist, we’re thankful for so much. We feel gratitude for our family, our friends, and this wonderful community. We embrace the season with open arms and invite you to do the same. We’d like to fill them with flowers in the form of a centerpiece.

We put a lot of time and attention into the dinner table we create for our Thanksgiving guests, don’t we? It’s not just about configuring it so everyone has a spot, but also a matter of place settings and linens, silverware and drinking glasses, and where to put all of the bowls and dishes with all of our goodies in them. Once we see how our table (or tables) is going to look, we can think about crowning it with a centerpiece. And this, friends, is our favorite part.

For Thanksgiving, we like a rustic centerpiece that captures the spirit of the holiday. Think wood containers and flowers that make reference to the harvest and that come in those rich, Fall shades. Our Rustic Holiday┬áis the perfect example. At 3″ long, this striking piece is stuffed with flowers and accents that look as though they were freshly pulled from the garden and placed in a rectangular slate container.

Leaves, mums, sunflowers, roses and others commingle in a vivid display of the season’s best blooms. Centerpieces like this feel right at home on a table where friends and family are gathered to count their blessings and enjoy a feast. A rustic design doesn’t feel too formal or stiff and yet remains elegant.

As we work to bring beauties like this to our community’s Thanksgiving tables this year, we at Walter Knoll Florist welcome you to stop by and see us.