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Walter Knoll Florist

Posted by wkf on May 20, 2018 Uncategorized

Spice Up Your Early Summer With Flowers

Where do you like go in your summer daydreams? A hammock swinging under the palm trees? A sandy beach with warm breezes blowing through your hair? A swim in the ocean to revive and energize you? While we can’t send you away to the tropics this summer, Walter Knoll Florist can bring the tropics to you! With our exotic line of summer bouquets, you’ll be feeling the inspiration of tropical bliss before you know it. See our summer collection for the perfect way to drift off to paradise, if only in a daydream.

To bring the essence of the islands into your home, look no further than the flowers of Hawaii! Our incredible Molokai arrangement gets its name from the island called the same. Nicknamed “The Friendly Isle,” Molokai is covered in anthurium, Fugi mums, birds of paradise and, of course, palms. This arrangement has it all and shows off the style and flair of the tropics in a bright, fun way.

Walter Knoll Florist Molokai bouquet

If you’re looking to send that special someone a taste of paradise, or just want a little escape for yourself, trust Walter Knoll Florist to bring it straight to your door with courteous and professional delivery services. Our amazing floral designers will help you choose the perfect arrangement for any of your floral needs, or talk to us about designing a custom bouquet.